Invited speakers

Christopher CaveExpanders, ghosts and amenable actions

Jérémie Chalopin – Helly graphs and Helly groups

Victor Chepoi – Sweakly modular graphs and their complexes

Yusuf Civan – Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of graphs

Dawid Kielak – The Bieri-Neumann-Strebel invariants, and Thurston and Alexander norms for free-by-cyclic groups

Adam Timar – Indistinguishable clusters in random spanning forests


Michał Adamaszek – Euclidean Rips complexes

Agnieszka Bier – Groups of rational interval exchange transformations

Światosław Gal – Groups with proximal action are uniformly simple.

Jakub Gismatullin – TBA

Ola Kwiatkowska – Uniqueness of an invariant probability measure concentrated on an orbit

Yuval Peled – Simple connectivity of random simplicial complexes via triadic process propagation

Damian Sawicki – Large scale geometry of actions on compact spaces

Karol Strzałkowski – Lipschitz simplicial volume and amenability

Witalij Suszczański – Isometries of Bezikovich metric spaces and limits of hyperoctahedral groups

Bronisław Wajnryb -Braid groups and Hurwitz action

Paweł Witowicz – TBA