Program and abstracts

The conference program and abstracts of most of the talks are now available.


New invited talks and abstracts

Christoper Cave and Dawid Kielak will also give invited talks.

Abstracts of Dawid Kielak and Jérémie Chalopin were posted.

Website launch

This is the website of the Combinatorics and Groups conference, which will be held in April in Będlewo (Poland).

The aim of the meeting is to bring together researchers working in widely understood Combinatorics and/or Geometric Group Theory. We wish to create conditions which would give a possibility for the exchange of information and knowledge, and encourage new collaborations. We are especially interested in new applications of combinatorial methods in problems from Geometric Group Theory.

The first meeting of this kind took place last year and was limited mostly to researchers from Poland. This time we would like to extend the spectrum of participants and invite people from research centers outside of Poland. The meeting is semi-formal. However, we plan a few invited talks and, ideally, we wish that all participants will give short talks concerning their research interests.

More information will successively appear on the website.